Optimizing farm resources for increased yield
Compounded interest from all special project
Cooperating for agricultural trade and investment
Community impact through financial inclusion

What we do

Green Gold Impact Segment

Through our impact segments we are able tip the balance between food production, food consumption and food supplies of home grown food for local market on a sustainable basis while guaranteeing the interest of smallholder farmers, trader in our cooperative network, and our investors.


we will focus on cassava production, processing of cassava into Garri, High Quality Cassava Flour and conversion of wastes to livestock feeds.


catfish production, processing of catfish into various smoked fish varieties and fish oil extraction will be our major focus for this segment.


our poultry project is targeted at ensuring adequate and continuous consumption of meat protein in poverty-prone communities.

Maize & Vegetables

our goal is to achieve an all-year supply of produce, increased yield from optimal use of resources and high level mechanization.

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